Initial setup - without any monitor at all. Am I mis-reading


I just wrote DietPi to my MicroSD card then edited dietpi.txt with my Wifi details and set AUTO_Install_Enable=1

Is my understanding correct that once I put this card into my rPi zero it should boot up and after a few minutes I can ssh in as root?

Or are there other steps that I have to go thru first that involve having a monitor / keyboard?

I can find the device with nmap, and zeus-admin is running on port 9090 tho I can’t conect to it and vnc is running on port 5900 but I can’t connect to that with default credentials either.


I liked. zeus-admin and vnc are running on something else in my house… I’ve no idea what however. So that’s project #2.

Still, same question about ssh presides. Tks.


Thats it, once system is ready, SSH should be accessable.

If you are automating VNC server, you will need to set a VNC password over SSH, before VNC can be used. We cant automate the password generation.


service vncserver restart

I think I solved my issue… I had configured it with a 5ghz wifi network but the pi zero w will only join 2.4ghz networks.