Initial install dietpi-wifi.txt - pi zero W

I observe on initial install the file dietpi-wifi.txt is moved to /var/lib/dietpi/dietpi-wifi.db and the database constructed.

However, being an idiot, I forgot to add any details, so the pi didn’t find a network.
To recover it seems the simple solution is refresh the image and start again.
It’s only adding network info and wifi details.

The confusing thing is, I cannot see the file in the GitHub repo.
So where did it come from on the download image ?

Note, I successfully installed 6.34 on a pi zero W 4 days ago, this time I’m trying the beta 7.



many thanks for your message. WiFi config files are created by DietPi PREP script, that is used to generate all images.

I tried to cp the file back to dietpi-wifi.txt, update and restart but that failed for me.
Maybe some other things I missed.

I reflashed and started again, and 7 is released !

DietPi v7.0 has been released last night.