INFO: DietPi need your support ...

Hi all,

I’am the creator and founder of DietPi.

I require a new PC, to assist with DietPi testing and future development for x86_64 platforms and VM’s.

At DietPi, we support a wide range of SBC and x86_64 devices (including VM’s). Although our core focus is SBC devices, we have a wide range of users who enjoy our VM’s and Native PC installations.

Also, the VM offers a excellent way for us to test DietPi-Software installations, much quicker than any SBC.

Does DietPi not receive donations, why can’t you fund this with that?

Yes we do, and we thank all our of donators over the years to help keep DietPi running.
We couldn’t achieve DietPi without the gracious support and donations from our users over the years.

Unfortunately, once we’ve paid for:

  • renew basic equipment that wears over time/testing (SD cards, PSU, SD card reader etc),
  • renewed our domain name,
  • shared the donation pool between active developers.
  • import TAX’s for receiving free SBC samples.

It very rarely covers the basic costs involved to keep DietPi running.

The reason for requiring a new PC:

My current FX6300 system has a hardware failure. The entire system is over 5 years old.

The device continuously keeps hard locking at random points, and makes working with DietPi testing/dev, unstable and risky. It started doing this around 4 months ago, however, its now at the point where its becoming near impossible to complete DietPi tasks on the system ( >> )

Unfortunately, I have no access to additional parts (RAM/CPU/PSU), to diagnose what the cause is. I have tried reinstalling the system, however, the issue re-occurs and confirms hardware.

I’ve also tried increasing the CPU and RAM voltage, in a final attempt to increase stability, however, no success.

I believe that a complete new system is required, as replacing the existing parts is not the worth the cost risk involved, should it not resolve the issue.

With your support, I’am aiming for the following new system:

Unfortunately, I cannot offer much in return, aside from continued efforts and work improving DietPi.

If you enjoy DietPi and can help me in this funding goal, I would be forever in your debt.

Thank you.

… or you can simply use PayPal


As you can see, the funding goal was already reached quite fast. Many thanks to all the supporters!!
The machine was ordered and should arrive or already arrived today :smiley:. This will increase our possibilities to test, debug and develop DietPi for x86 machines :sunglasses:.