Incremental memory swap?

I have a Raspberry pi 4GB and I have halfway in htop and it tells me that it is using 1024 of 1024, should I increase it? I don’t understand much about the subject. I use it for qBittorrent, a bot that notifies me of stock of Amazon products and a Steam trading card collector, nothing more…

Oh yes, increasing the SWAP size would be the first step to avoid OOM (out of memory) scenarios. You can use dietpi-drive_manager to increase the swap size to 4 GB.

The next point would be to find out where the memory is used. On the small picture I see rclone. To get a better overview you can sort the column RES (mouse click).

If you really need more than 4 GB of memory, you should think about another device that offers at least 8 GB of memory, because using SWAP is the worst in terms of performance.

It is that there is a particular bot that fails me and I don’t know if it has something to do with swap memory. So increasing it to 4GB is fine, right?

yes increasing SWAP to 4GB would be first step

Thanks, I’ll try this. If I see that it gives me problems, I’ll get an Raspberry Pi 4 8GB

Have a look which app is eating your memory before getting a new device

I wonder if zram-tools would help?

cat /proc/swaps

To see if compressed RAM is being used