Import installations into Portainer?

Hi everybody,

I run PiHole and WireGuard on DietPi (VM) and would like to know if it is possible to import those into portainer without losing the configurations (adlists in pihole and configured clients in wireguard). does portainer have some sort of “marketplace” where you can easily search for containers and install them? I like the community approach in unraid. maybe portainer has that, too.
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Why not asking this at Portainer side? Theoretically Pihole has some import/export function. Wireguard might be more complex as it depends on the target container and how they are build/setup.

Portainer is just a front-end to manage Docker containers but it has nothing to do with the individual target container.

But what should be the reason for moving into Docker containers? What should be the benefits if you already running these apps?

it can be manage in ONE app and can be easily backed up and restored.

DietPi has own backup functionality for the entire system, not just container.

I think also, your current “app” fot his job is your OS, and you introducing another layer (portainer and docker) which you have to care about, update and perhaps schedule backups for.

but is this interchangeable between x86 and Pi systems? portainer should be.

I guess you misunderstood what Portainer is and what is does.

Portainer is a wrapper/ gui around Docker. It allows to manage docker containers from a web interface. Itself, Portainer is not providing any other functionality and it does not offer any plugins to run apps. It just will download other docker container. But you would need to specify which container and how it will be configured. Usually app provider will have configuration files for their container.

As well there is still a different between x86 and ARM based SBC. Depending on architecture, a different container might be needed. Some container developers did not even offer container on all platforms.

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OK, so portainer is just a wrapper, not an environment to host containers? that’s a pity. I thought my containers in portainer were just exportable to another architecture that runs portainer (i.e. from ARM to x86).

At the end is still all Docker Container. Even Portainer itself is a Docker Container as well.

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This method works

But this will not work between different CPU architecture.

yeah…gotta be used like for like architecture