Image not booting

I have a new Rock64 RK3328 Board and i want use the DietPi OS.

I downloaded the latest image from here. But it´s not booting.

Any idees?

How did you burn the image to the SD card?

You are not along. My board does not boot neither!

Updates: I found the problem. The USB cable I used to power Rock64 has thin Power/Ground cable that is not able to deliver enough power to Rock64. After changing the cable, not it boots perfectly.

I tried Win32DiscImager, Pine64 Installer and Etcher to burn the image

For energy i tried 3 different adapter with different cables.

The image from

is booting.

Is it possible that one image need more energy than another?

According to my USB voltage meter, it only requires 5V maximum 0.6A power → 3Watt will be enough to drive Rock64. The first wire I used to power Rock64 has thin wires, it cannot power Rock64 with both Dietpi and Stretch Mate. I don’t think image is the key. Your board maybe fried or your SD card does not work properly.

I am having a similar issue with Pine64. Other images are working with both 512 and 1G versions but I can’t get the 6.1 to boot on either. I’ve tested with multiple power sources / quality cables / SD cards. Any update from you guys?

I don’t remember Rock64 has 512MB board? I have 4 Rock64, they all boot fine with proper power adapter.

i have tested a few images but no one will boot. I have a new power sources, tried other sd cards

i have the 4gb board

It would be very nice if someone could give me an advice for a functioning image

I also cannot get it to boot for the rock64 1gb, 16gb sd card with good power adapter. Other images boot.