Image for Synology


Dietpi seems like a great base to run as VM on Synology. I now run Ubuntu, and tried Dietpi on my raspberry pi’s before, so I would like to see if I can run Dietpi on my Synology as well.

Is there anyway to convert or build a Dietpi image for Synology nas? As far as I know Synology uses Qemu.

All help is much appreciated.


You mean to have it installed instead of Synology DSM or to run it as VM inside Virtual Machine Manager?

most likely in virtual machine manager I’m guessing. I’m in the middle of this now but not having much luck as VMM is looking for an iso file. dietpi seems like a good distro in vmm for pihole

its working great on my DS216+II. I’m using VirtualBox OVA images

No, not instead of DSM, but as a guest OS in Virtual Machine Manager, or as a Docker image.

That is exactly what I look for. I’ll give it a try. Does VMM recognize the .ova image?


I found out how: Use the Import option, not the Create option in the VMM.
Works great!

Yep that’s the way, you would need to import the image.