I'm not able to download big files from OwnCloud

The title catch perfectly my issue…
I’ve uploaded to OwnCloud different files, of various dimensions.
I’ve problem just largre files, that are not downloaded. If i try to downloiad via the IOs App, i’m getting back error 0 ( :thinking: ) , if i do the same on a computer, with the Windows app installed, it doesn’t even start.
Maily i’m talking about movies and videos ( from 100 Mb up to 10Gb )

Someone have any suggestion?


many thanks for your message. Did you tried to download using a normal web browser and not an app? Does it behave same?

Hello Joulinar , thx for yr reply!
Yes always the same story…

ok I installed ownCloud for testing purposes to try out your case. I used a file of around 580MB and was able to download it using a browser. Once I pushed the download button, I got a running circle on the file. It took a minute or two before the download start. Which web server you are using?

What do you mean exactly?
Sorry but I’m not understanding… I’ve it running on a Raspberry Pi 2B and I’ve done de default installation with mariadb lighttpd and so on…

How I can check what are you asking?

In that case, lighttpd is your web server. It would be whatever you have selected for Webserver Preference in dietpi-software.

Maybe this can help…

Reading around could be a timeout time problem, because of the size of the file…
You that are more expert, seems a possible thing? Where i can find the time out time to adjust it?

for me owncloud/lighttpd is working fine to download large files. However it takes up to 10 minutes before it start to actually download a 3.4GB files. The web server is trying to cache the file upfront. Until now I did not find a working solution how to avoid the caching. On my RPi3B+ it’s eating up whole 1GB ram and it starts swapping as well.

It’s similar to what is described on this NextCloud forum post Download takes a long time to start, but download speed is then very fast - #42 by vvgit - ℹ️ Support - Nextcloud community


Sorry for necroing, but I’m having a similar problem. Downloading large files (500mb+) takes a while, memory usage goes up (which is not a problem in itself), but the processor gets used heavily. I’m running a pihole on the same Pi, and if I start a download, my internet crashes (as far as I can tell, no new DNS requests get through, as videostreams just keep playing). During this, the connection to my owncloud gets lost, and since the internet is down, the client errors out, until it can try again a few minutes later (once the internet works again).

I assume that due to the high load, the pihole stops sending requests forward, leading to the errors, so I’m looking for a way to reduce the load for the Pi if I download large files.

Is your data stored on a local hard drive or on an external store, like a network or cloud storage?

It’s on an external HDD, connected to the Pi via USB. The Pi also provides electricity for it via USB.