I need sabnzbd to use VPN while not affecting lan access to dietpi...is it possible?

I have a VPN account that I need to setup on my dietpi box but I’m concerned that once I connect VPN that the lan will lose access to the box. Is this a real concern or what do I need to do to make this work?

using dietpi-vpn should allow SSH access at least, if VPN killswitch has been activated.

The issue is that I have a single pi that serves media to my local network and also is doing downloads as well from Usenet. I’m wanting my downloads to be done over the VPN while still allowing all my lan devices to access the different services (JellyFin, nextcloud, etc) without any issue. Am I wrong in thinking that as soon as the VPN connection is extsblished, lan access to the box will be blocked?

Would be nice if there was a way to assign the VPN tunnel to just sabnzbd

Usually, the local network access is blocked of you activate killswitch only. As long as it is disabled, access should be possible still.

I had similar issue with deluge.
I added route-nopull to OpenVPN config, and then I bound deluge to the tun0 interface (so other traffic is going via normal non-vpn channel).

Not sure if something similar can be archived (binding) with sabnzbd. BTW, IMHO if you’re using SSL I don’t see much point in using VPN for Usenet (contrary to torrent / emule etc).