I don't see my nmve in Orange Pi 5

Does DietPi have NMVE M2 SSD support? I have an Orange Pi 5 and put an nmve and I cannot see it in lspci or lsblk :frowning: why? the nmve brand is Transcend. Thanks in advance!

Maybe your NMVE M2 is not compatible with the OrangePi 5. For testing, download the official Orange Pi Debian image and try this one. Does your SSD is showing up there?

I don’t have time to try another OS as im in a hurry for my project. So im going to return this Transcend NVME M.2 2242 of 240GB. Thanks anyway.

It should not take longer than 5-10 minutes to flash a new SD card and to do a basic check if your drive is detected. Personally I tried this one Transcend M.2 SSD. But was not working on DietPi nor on Orange Pi Debian. Ordered following now Toshiba 128GB M.2 2230, as I have seen it working on this blog post. But will take 2 weeks to be shiped from US to EU. :roll_eyes:

The point is that I have the orange pi with a not official disipation case that is not easy to open and back. And I already did that many times and im tired haha. But I tried with an M.2 SSD Enclosure in Windows and it was detected but I couldnt format it… maybe mine is even with errors. Anyway Thanks for the information I will go for that Toshiba in the future, for now I will stick in the sd with DietPi in my project :slight_smile: I attach an image of the case im using for my project:

uh nice case. where did you get it from. still looking for one.

If you search in AliExpress cases for orange pi 5 is the only one I find not official hehe

ok thanks. last question. How noisy is the fan?

very little but is posible to change it for a better one :slight_smile: I didn’t change it and for me is fine, unless is the night with no noises you don’t realize it.

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ok got my Toshiba M2 SSD today and it is working very well

Benchmarks completed:                                              
 - CPU performance : Duration = 2.16 seconds (lower is faster)     
 - CPU temps       : Idle = 45 °C | Full load = 61 °C              
 - RootFS I/O      : Write = 182 MiB/s | Read = 347 MiB/s          
 - RAM I/O         : Write = 957 MiB/s | Read = 3043 MiB/s         

The whole system is already booted from nvme :slight_smile:

root@DietPiOr5:~# lsblk -o name,fstype,label,size,ro,type,mountpoint,partuuid,uuid
mtdblock0                   16M  0 disk
zram0                        0B  0 disk
nvme0n1                  119.2G  0 disk
└─nvme0n1p1 ext4         119.2G  0 part /          7c1a0612-d941-4c20-9942-3f4ee624bb04 5b9e5bee-c3b0-4cc2-9ef8-2e070d2f74ea
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