I cannot see my PI400 with DietPi into my LAN

For the kickstarts dir we use the dietpi group with R/W permissions. Shall we do the same for the amiberry parent dir to allow creating new dirs there via Samba and NFS OOTB as well? As long as the program files and dirs are not owned by that group, it should be safe from security point of view.

Much better than granting the Samba server full root permissions:

sudo chgrp dietpi /mnt/dietpi_userdata/amiberry
sudo chmod 0775 /mnt/dietpi_userdata/amiberry

Well :smiley: I’m able to see my DietPi Samba share on Zorin

Secret is to use Dolphin file manager instead of the regular on. It’s using wsd as well to discover samba share. Therefore, you need to install wsdd2 on your DietPi Samba server

OK I have to install Samba server… only the server right ?
Because I’ve also seen a cliet or something like that.
Then I will install wsdd2.
Furthermore I will install Dolphin file manager.
Am I correct ?

On the client side you just need samba-client and packages to get your file browser working with smb shares.

Samba server + WSDD2 to be installed on DietPi

Dolphin file manager can be used in Ubuntu to get the possibility to search smb shares within the network. It’s optional and not mandatory.

I can finally see the end of the story.
I really thank you.
I am going to work on my Amiga emulation during the weekend.
I will keep you update on Monday.

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I spent some hours on my Raspberry last weekend.
I was able to create some Amiga configurations and install WB 3.1, Classic Workbech and OS 3.2.
I have some troubles with the configuration of Amiga 3000.
Amiga 1200 is fine even with some accelerator.
I think I will use Amiga 500 Plus and Amiga 1200.
I like Amiga 4000 with OS 3.2 but some games do not work (of course… I think).
I have used some ADF files for the moment.
Now I want to install WHDLoad… but I think I’d better to study Amiberry first.
Amiberry has a lot of options… I would like to know how they all work.
Any suggestion ?

Thank you very much - Giuseppe

PS: DietPI is working fine now with Windows 10 and Ubuntu. Finally !!!

There is also something in our doc about it: File Servers Options - DietPi.com Docs, see tab " Use wsdd to view shares"

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