I am trying to run Java 17 & Java 8 on DietPi

Hello Everyone,

I have am ongoing MineOS intallation from the DietPi Optimized Software List. I am currently running a Minecraft Server 1.19.3 using Java17. However, we’d like to run an older Minecraft version 1.8.8 that requires Java8.

Is there a way for me to have both Java version running on our system and can be both used by MineOS? It sounds possible, but I can’t possibly figure it out alone. There are instructions online, but I can’t afford to ruin my DietPi installation by following outside of DietPi.

Theoretically it is possible to install multiple JAVA version next to each other. Depending on SBC it might be easy to install EOL Java8. On other systems, additional apt package source might be needed. At the end you would need to specify for the individual app which version to choose.

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