I am lost and probably in over my head

I am trying to get my Juice4Halt board to work. I was able to get it working with Raspbian. I attached the script that is supposed to be running. I put it in the postboot folder and it locked up the boost i added a script probably not correct but that didn’t work either. Can anyone assist me with this?

Im sure this is wrong but this is what I tried to do.

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/home/dietpi/juice4halt/bin/shutdown_script &
shutdown_script (1).7z (1.04 KB)

I’m far from an expert here, but did you follow these instructions in the script?

#usage		     :copy this file to /home/pi/juice4halt/bin/
#		          and make it executable: sudo chmod 755 shutdown_script

be careful, as /home/pi/ is not existing. Becasue there is no user pi at DietPi