Htop not showing nfsd

installed nfs-server from dietpi-software: works as advertised :slight_smile: while monitoring my system with ‘htop’ I noticed that I had a high load average but htop was not showing any process wich could cause this load.
So I started ‘top’ and directly saw ‘nfsd’ on top of the list (I was copy a lot of files via a nfs share).

Why is nfsd not showing in htop? Should it show there? can I add it to htop (presuming that htop is configured to show what it is currently showing)? that sort of questions…

good morning btw :slight_smile:

have a look how columns within htop are sorted. Usually, you should be able to sort it by CPU usage. As well, you can change the view between Tree and List (F5 key)

it is not showing, I sorted top to cpu (F5), see screenshot 1, screen shot 2 is top that does show them.

and if you sort by PID? Does id 1931 is showing up at all?

no, not listed…

found it.

By default, htop hides kernel threads like nfsd.

LOL, just found the same :slight_smile: it turns out that nfsd is a kernel thread which is hidden by dietpi htop configuration :slight_smile:

we don’t have any htop configuration. This is htop default an ALL Linux systems.

sorry my bad :slight_smile: you are correct