How to use ssl on local ip adress?

How to use SSL on Lighttpd,… with self signed ssl certificates for local server use only? I want to set all my webserver to use https for local use. So don’t want to use a domain name from any provider, only local ip with https access.


what is the purpose of having https on your local network?

Usually self-signed certificates are inherently not trusted by your browser because a certificate itself doesn’t form any trust, the trust comes from being signed by a Certificate Authority that EVERYONE trusts. Your browser simply doesn’t trust your self-signed certificate as if it were a root certificate

I want an encrypted connection on al my local servers.
when i for example open an config page in browser.
So i need https not http.

well but these self signed certificates are not trusted, so you will always get security warnings or even have issues to connect. And within a local privat network, security improvement is limited. Because if there would be someone who like to capture traffic between your local systems, he would already have access to your local privat network. And this should worry you more than the http connection.

It would still be useful if all servers using web interfaces are https or not?

If you trust all people (like your family)) in your local network, there is no real benefit.