How to use overlays in new DietPi (Uart 1,2 ,RTS,CTS)


I can’t find any information: how to enable Uart1, Uart2, RTS and CTS pins on GPIO in new DietPi. I’m using H3 board: Nano pi neo.
Few version ago it was maid by file: ArmbianEnv.txt and: overlays=uart1 … and additional options: param_uart1_rtscts=1.
I was looking for info in and in this file there is info about files: /DietPi/dietpi.txt /DietPi/config.txt /DietPi/boot.ini but there is no such directory and files.


Our official image are not based on armbian anymore, thus the pre-config file should not work.

Perhaps uEnv.txt is used instead? Needs investigation.

Jep, depends on boot loader to parser it, but worth testing: