How to upgrade dietpi version?

I use 8.19 version of dietpi and want to upgrade to 8.22, but I can not find any official tutorial to do that. I suppose, I’m just blind :smiley:


:smiley: sorry, it’s just dietpi-update and has nothing to do with upgrade, isn’t it?

yes correct. Keep in mind. DietPi version has nothing to do with Debian version (Bullseye or Bookworm).

yess, that was the point, which confused me. Some time ago, I upgraded the debian version, but forgot, how I did it. Now I thought, that it brings also the new debian version with 8.22 :smiley:

DietPi update will never do a Destro upgrade. Something the use needs to trigger manually. But we create some nice script as usual :wink:. Just have a look Debian Bookworm has been released – DietPi Blog

I suppose, I used exactly this script to upgrade to debian 12 some time ago. Thanks!

#edit: just checked it, yess, it runs already bookworm and I surely installed it with the script above.