how to set up and use accounts and permissions?

I was hoping some of the people who have been around this for a while could point me to some resources to understand the user structure employed by dietpi, and also what is a good way to set up permissions for files.

I’ve been reading old threads where the solution to issues is to chmod to dietpi’s ownership, because services run as dietpi can’t modify root’s files. But presumably there are times when this would cause problems?

Who should be owning, running and using what sorts of things?

What account does everyone log in with? At first I logged in with dietpi, but of course every task is basically an administrative task, so I gave up on that. It doesn’t seem like sudo comes up toooo often so I guess I’m not the only one.

Basically sudo is a standard way on Linux to execute administrative task as non-root user. If you don’t like to use sudo, you would need to use root user.

In general, there are just 2 user and the respective group created on DietPi by default. root as well as dietpi. During software installation additional application user could/will be created. Normally these users will be added to dietpi group to be able to share data between all applications on file system level.