How to run the Unifi console on a DietPi-Raspi

Dear all,

I am trieing to install a unifi console on my Dietpi-Raspi 4, latest Dietpi-version.

As far as I read MongoDB is a prerequsite for the Unifi Console. I do find a lot of descriptions how to install but it seems that they are all outdated.

Also I find the information that Unifi console cannot run on a modern Raspi due to its 32-Bit architecture.
What do you think? Will it be possible to run this package (unifi_sysvinit_all.deb) on my Dietpi-Baby??

Many thanks in advance?


And a small how to… would be great

MongoDB 5 and 6 does not support ARM64, you would need to use 4.4

I just see right now that MongoDB 7 supports arm64

I’m running mine on a RPi3 using docker and the image
No need to worry about dependencies.

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some MongoDB testing I did 2 years ago DietPi-Software | MongoDB · Issue #4799 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

Not sure, there is following stated on MongoDB docs

MongoDB on arm64 requires the ARMv8.2-A or later microarchitecture.

Sorry Gents!
But a normal user doesn’t know which architecture his Raspberry Pi has.

So I try to simplyfy my questions:

Is it not possible to install MongoDB/Unifi console on my DietpI?
If NO–> OK
If YES → apt install mongodb does not work. What Do I have to do, to be successfull?

Is it possible to add the unifiy console to the Dietpi-Software??? :slight_smile:

Many thanks

Also the normal user does not know what MongoDB is or what any DB is. So what is your point here?
If you buy a RPi you should know to architecture because this determines which software you can use.

MongoDB is not in the DietPi software list, so you would need to follow the official MongoDB docs.
In their docs they use Ubuntu server on RPi, it looks like debian is not supported on the latest MongoDB version, but this question can only be answered by MongoDB and not by us.

On some older tutorials they use MongoDB 4.4 on RPi with Debian:
Otherwise you can use docker, as earlier mentioned.

Officially they do not support ARM64 on debian, only x86_64:

Platform Support

MongoDB 7.0 Community Edition supports the following 64-bit Debian releases on x86_64 architecture:

  • Debian 11 “Bullseye”

MongoDB only supports the 64-bit versions of these platforms.

Here is also an overview for support arm64 plattforms:

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Latest version working on RPI and other SBC should be MongoDB 4.4

The inst guide is working 1:1 on Debian.

This has nothing to do with DietPi. It’s a limitation of MongoDB not being able to run on SBC’s since version MongoDB 5 and above.

looks like even latest version of 4.4.26 is not able to run on ARM anymore. Means, you need to install older version like 4.4.9 and pin MongoDB on this version or try Docker images

apt-get install -y mongodb-org=4.4.9 mongodb-org-server=4.4.9 mongodb-org-shell=4.4.9 mongodb-org-mongos=4.4.9 mongodb-org-tools=4.4.9

Just published this guide about deploying the newer unifi network application, hope it can help!

What will happen with my existing installation?
I run docker on Dietpi using a Unifi Container (from you, I guess)

Should I switch off automatic updates to avoid running into problems?


We don’t offer any Unifi software.

DietPi or apt package updates should not have any effect on your running containers.

Docker containers are independent from dietpi, if you decide to follow my guide I provide a compose-file to use in portainer which is guaranteed (at least in my experience) to work without issues on almost any dietpi system (i use a Raspbery Pi 3 with just 1GB of RAM, also any mongodb version issue has been accounted for).

To be safe, just take a backup from your current unifi-controller. A backup which you will also need to restore the configuration once using the newer unifi-network-application.
Only caveat, backups are a little buggy, make sure to create a new backup rather than downloading one of the automatically generated ones.