How to run kiosk system


I’m not so good yet with dietpi and Linux in general. But I need for my caravan a kiosk system on which I can then run node-red. For this I want to use a Pi3 with dietpi 7.3 and the original pi 7" screen with touchscreen. Do any of you know a tutorial on the Internet or Youtube, in which such a system is set up, and I can then replicate. But so that even I can understand as a beginner.

Thanks for any help!


Not a video, but the official documentation is a good start:
As by default FKMS is disabled, the “Legacy Graphics Mode” section is correct.

dietpi-config has an “RPi Touchscreen” resolution in the list, which matches the required 800x480 and sets the framebuffer dimensions accordingly. It also has an LCD rotation option for the 180° flip.

Do you want to see the Node-RED editor on the LCD or do you want to use the Node-RED LCD plugin to show specific strings produced by Node-RED?