How to restart portainer

I have some problems with portainer and asked my question in Github discussion:

Dear all,
Yesterday I started with my first Docker/Portainer project. I am very happy with the results:
Installed Portainer on a Raspberry(via DietPi), found an image for UniFi Controler, initialized this image and voila… bravo. I was happy about that community and again about the open source idea.
But in the noon something strange happened.
a) I was already able to connect to the unifiy-console (port 8443) but
b) I was unable to connect to the portainer web gui (port 9002)

So I suppose, that the portainer environment crashed, but docker with my unify controller is still running. Questions resulting from this are:

How can I verify this suspicion?
How can I restart only the portainer GUI by not threatening the docker environment.

Many thanks in advance

and received following answer:

This is probably more a question for the DietPi support, as they look to deploy Portainer in their own unique way. I’m not familiar with how their product works and it’s not immediately clear from their documentation how you would go about restarting a piece of software you installed through their interface, but you might be able to find some help in their forum.


hm… I am not so sure, if this is a DietPi topic, but perhaps someone here has an idea and could help me.

We don’t deploy Portainer in a special way. It’s pure Docker commands we use. Just a different port. You can check your container from CLI using docker commands.

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Can you do a docker ps ; docker inspect portainer; ss -tunlp ?

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Just for reference the related GitHub discussion Restart portainer ? · portainer · Discussion #10756 · GitHub

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