How to remove syncthing-inotify?

now that inotify is included in the main syncthing binary, how can those who have it installed (by using a previous version of DietPi) uninstall it without harm?
Will a simple apt-get remove syncthing-inotify work or do we risk any damage to our installation?

Disable the service:

systemctl stop syncthing.inotify.service (your service may be named slightly differently)

systemctl disable syncthing.inotify.service

Then remove the syncthing.inotify file from /usr/bin
And the systemd file from /etc/systemd/system

Did you know that you now have to enable its functionality on a per folder basis through the syncthing menus?


Hi John,
thanks for the instructions.
No, I didn’t know it had to be enabled on a per-folder basis now, thanks for the heads up!
Is this done via the GUI?

Yes it is - in the advanced section - fs watcher.

Another thing to do is to take out the reference to inotify in the syncthing systemd file.


Thanks. Everything done. Hope it works :smiley:
I had no references to syncthing-inotify in my systemd syncthing.service file, though.