how to reinstall dietpi on my allo usbridge signature??

After a week of changing my dac for an esoteric d07 and usin it in spdif mode Now I can see that suddenly the connected hdmi sceen doesnt shows anything and the lights of the allo (front) keeps all time on ) but is not possible to reach the dietpi.local or ip addressI use FIXED) and the gui is also lost
I think taht th operating system dietpi has been affected any way, there is any reset inside the Allo? or how can I restore to life the device?
all lights (Green and red are always on)red is for power so is ok.
ple ny suggestion step by step in how to reinstall diet pi in the system?may I use the micro sd card supplied and inserted always on the allousbridge . I dont know how to proceed,there is a reset button anyway any side??
witing for answer as soon as you can pls, is very important to restore to life the usbridge…


did you tried to remove power, wait a moment and try to connect power again?