How to point to existing dietpi-userdata?

So I’m thinking of changing drives for my system and I can easily just clone the files over to the new drive. However, I’m worried that it might be seen as a new device and be mounted with a different name to the symlink directory.
How would I go about pointing dietpi to an already existing dietpi-userdata folder, for future reference?


nothing to worry about. You can specify the mount point where your new HDD should be mounted on. But you would need to un-mount the old HDD before to avoid any conflicts using the same mount point.

probably the easiest way might be to change /etc/fstab entry from old HDD to new one by simply replacing UUID

I was hoping there’d be something in the dietpi-config menus, but I guess this works! Thanks a bunch.
Should I suggest a menu like that on the github page? One that would pop up if it saw dietpi-config was missing from its usual mount spot and allow you find it again via a file browser.

Well DietPi scripts are located on bootFS and /boot is usually stored on SD card. Therefore the system will not recognise that you switched HDD. The only thing happen, that all services (that have data on /mnt/dietpi_userdata/) are going to fail until you mounted the new HDD correctly to the old mount point. Mounting the new HDD could be done using dietpi-drive_manager. However there is a bug in Drive Manager on latest DietPi v6.29.2. Therefore I did not recommended it at this point :wink: