How to Multi Instance Install Octopi on DietPi?

I have run Octopi on DietPi but would like to manage several 3D printers. How do I run multiple OctoPi installations on DietPi?
Has anyone done this and can help?

U guess you would need to install multiple instances manually as you can’t use DietPi automation.

In theory you could follow our installation script
and setup an own user for each install + adjust ports and directories, to ensure proper separation.

OctoPi or OctoPrint?

Not sure what OctoPi adds on top of OctoPrint, I mean it is basically an own OS.

dietpi-software installs OctoPrint as local user module, so it is difficult to use this instance by multiple users, but worth testing. The users then need to have their own home directory where configs/data are stored while running the same octoprint executable (to not waste disk space, upgrade/maintenance efforts etc), and either only one instance can then use the internal updater, or all need to share the same group and have UMask=002 set so that all users have write permissions to the shared OctoPrint installation.

Would be actually a nice feature to manage multiple 3D printers with cameras from one OctoPrint instance/interface :thinking:. I just had a look into the OctoPrint forum, and there is a tutorial :smiley::

Octoprint of course, my mistake