[How To] Mapping SSL Owncloud storage

Hey due to the Problem of Mapping an ssl encrypted owncloud storage via Windows 7 10 i encountered an authentification problem.
After trying for few hours i found the solution and want to share it…

U must add the ssl certificate in the trusted certificate list to get a connection via mapping.

Just export the certificate (i used firefox) and install it (doublecklick the exported certificate) to the trusted certificate list.

After that mapping via

net use Z: https://example.org/owncloud/remote.php/webdav /user:youruser yourpassword

is possible

For me net use didnt worked under w10
so i did it via winows explorer to connect the ssl netdrive via:

Regards Stefan

i still cannot understand why the webdav storage in explorer shows the amount of storage of my local C drive and not the storage from the drive im connected to.

Files are saved on my local storage too :frowning:. Any ideas?

Automatical connect after reboot dont work.