How to launch graphical application after startup

Hi all.

I’m a petrolhead and love 90s cars. The problem I got is that cluster of my Mazda RX7 died, and no one is able to fix it.

Because of this, I’m working in a system to get a refreshed system using Orange Pi 5 Plus hardware, Dietpi and Realdash application. Everything looks great, I got round screens that matches my cluster so cosmetically, it looks like stock (except now I have screens instead of analog gaudes).

The only thing I’m missing, and maybe it is quite stupid but I’m quite bad with Linux, is configuring Dietpi to boot is silent mode (do not show all text during boot), and launch Realdash application just after boot (no idea here if first XFCE needs to be launched and the the application, or application can be launched making it to launch the graphical environment).

I tested couple of methods I found on Internet, but all of them launch de application before launching XFCE so nothing happens.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

If a DE needs to be running to get realdash up (which is probably the case)
You will need to autostart and autologin to XFCE, I believe there are options in XFCE to start a program on start when XFCE starts up.

I always wanted to build my own carputer…then be able to run torque app natively in system (and be able to stream my audiobooks while I commute) rather than as an addon in my cellphone on a dash mount.