How to know the CPU temp in a system created by


As I’ve already explained (“How I got DietPi running on my S905X Android TV Box”:,
I have installed DietPi on it.

Don’t know why, but before I could read the CPU temp, but now I can’t.

Please, any ideas? I suppose some package (the one that could read the CPU temp) has been removed when I DietPized the TV box.

Thank you!

Did I see it correct that you already found the solution yourself by using an updated ARMbian image?

Sorry, MichaIng I don’t understand.

I installed the Armbian version from Balbes150. Then, I could read CPU temp.
After installing DietPi, I can’t.
This only happens with my S905X. I have another Android TV Box, S912, and, with the same process of installation (Balbes150 Armbian + DietPi) I can read the CPU temp.

I understand I can use Armbian without DietPi and I will be able to read the CPU temps, but I love DietPi and like to use it everywhere :slight_smile:

Do you think is there an easy way to get the CPU temp reads again with DietPi ont the S905X?

Thank you very much,

Because I saw your other topic where you say:

I have just used another image: >> , Armbian_5.76_Aml-s912_Debian_stretch_default_5.0.0-rc8-g8201cd167-dirty_20190304.img.xz

And DietPi reads the 8 CPU temperatures correctly.

Ah now I see that it is related to S912 and on S905X it does still not work. Sorry didn’t get that it’s about two different boxes first.

Which command do you use on ARMbian the read out the CPU temp? Different devices have different interface files to read CPU temperatures. The cpu command on DietPi tries to read a bunch of known such files, but obviously it does not contain the one that is present on the S905X. If you could link or paste the script that does the readout on ARMbian, we could check the files scanned there and in case add missing ones to our script.