How to install

sabNZBD runs like a charme on my odroid-dietpi-server.
Only the repairing of the files take some time.

In your link
there is a “multicore par2” mentioned.

Unfortunately it is not available by the dietpi-software-tool, so you have to compile install it.
Here is described how, but i fail at the first line.

dietpi does not know the command “git”

Do this:

apt install git


Or install Git via dietpi-software as well: dietpi-software install 17

Jep there are some software titles that “can” be installed via Git client, which can be then used to update, repair or switch to different branch (beta, dev and such).
In many cases it is however not required and possible to download it directly from GitHub as a zip archive.

However good point, we need to add the info to our docs, that Git is required to follow the linked guide. I opened a GitHub issue about that:
Optionally we could pre-install this module, at least on multi-core devices.

I added this as note to the SABnzbd docs, including the need to install build tools: