How to install Kodi 20 Nexus?


I just made a fresh install of Dietpi. Both apt and dietpi-software install Kodi 19.4. I was previously using LibreElec and had Kodi 20.1. How can I get it for Dietpi ? I can’t find how to select that specific version.

Thanks in advance for any answer, have a great day

Can you please fill out the troubleshoot template?
My guess is you are on debian bullseye, and bullseye-backports, which ships only version 2.19.4.

For Kodi 20, an upgrade to Debian Bookworm would be needed.

Is there a Bookworm version of Dietpi available, maybe as a beta ?

I found this META | Add script for distro upgrade to Bookworm by MichaIng · Pull Request #6103 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub Is it still the best method or is there better ways today ?

We have Bookworm images available since a long time, but they are not published on our official download page directly. You can find them at Index of /downloads/images This would require a new fresh installation.

Another option is the in-place upgrade using the magic script :slight_smile:

Both ways are possible.

I’ll do a new install as I am moving from LibreELEC to Dietpi anyways, so it’s perfect.

Thanks a lot for all the amazing work you are doing and have a great day !

Hi again, I’m having some issues.

While Kodi 19 on Bullseye was working perfectly, Kodi 20 on Bookworm is not. It is totally unable to play HEVC files, 10bit files, that had no problem with Kodi 19. What could be the problem ? Is it because of missing codecs that weren’t installed along with it ?