How to Install a Linux Driver for Origenea Touch Screen ?

I would llike to install a touch screen made by Origenae on my Sparky running Dietpi.

The manufacturer is proposing 2 different software for Linux: Kernel 2.6 (32 bit) and Kernel 2.6 (64 bit)

Which one should I use ? => I think I have founded … it is 32 bit

Is there any tutorial for installing these .tar.gz software ?

Is Kernel 2.6 version compatible withe Diepi ?

thanks for helping a newbee in linux world

Jep, Sparky has ARM Cortex-A9 which is 32bit/ARMv7. So assure that the driver is for armhf/armv7l processors. However I think we ship a newer kernel than 2.6, so not sure if it works then.

Usually the steps to install are the following:
tar xf <archive_name>.tar.gz # To extract the archive

Then check for any README/INSTALL(.txt/.md) file for further instructions. These should include, but might need additional steps+additional build tools (automake/autoconf):
cd <extracted_dir_name>
make install

But I am not to experienced with this as well, and if the installed drivers/libraries are automatically available then. ldconfig is another command to recreate symlinks to newly added libraries e.g.

You have to have the build essentials to ensure make works

sudo apt-get install build-essential

Or install all usual build tools together via dietpi-software: dietpi-software install 16 :sunglasses: