How to get Admin acces in Filebrowser

Hello, I accidentally unchecked the Administrator option in Filebrowser admin account. I was just trying to figure out how Filebrowser worked and all the options. I mistakenly unchecked the Admin option in the admin account of the Filebrowser User Management section. Here, default dietpi admin account is refered to as admin account. I tried several things but no luck. The documentation provided here - filebrowser users - File Browser is not easy for a non-technical person like me to understand. Please help.
I want to get back the administrator rights to my default dietpi admin account in Filebrowser.
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This can be done via CLI with something g like filebrowser users update dietpi perm.admin

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you need to stop service beforehand :slight_smile:

systemctl stop filebrowser.service
cd /mnt/dietpi_userdata/filebrowser
/opt/filebrowser/filebrowser users update dietpi --perm.admin
systemctl start filebrowser.service

Thank you so much sir(s). That was so kind of you. :pray: :pray: :grinning:
@Jappe @Joulinar Thank you so much.

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