How to exclude a client from ad blocking

I’m fairly new to DietPi and cannot figure out how to exclude a client from Ad Blocking.
I’ve looked through various docs and forums but cannot find anything.
Could someone please point me in the right direction or provide an example.

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This has nothing to do with DietPi. You would need to have a look into your Ad blocking solution.

A simple solution is to advertise a different dns server to that device and not the adblocker IP. But this depends on the dhcp server capabilities. Worst case, you’d need to use manual settings on that device.
But bottom line is that if dietpi is not the dhcp server, we cannot provide much help.

At least on PiHole you can easily exclude clients within GUI. Most probably on AGH as well.

For Pi-hole it’s pretty easy, create a group which has no block lists assigned to and add the client to this group.

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not even needed to manage groups. Should be possible to exclude individual clients directly.

Ah I see, you can assign clients to “none” group.

yes correct