How to download python3.8.1?

Having troubles getting it to run mylar3 it’s recommended to have python3.8.1 I can only get 2.7.2


many thanks for your request. Basically Python2 and Python3 are 2 different / independent applications and can be installed next to each other. If you select Python from dietpi-software catalogue, you will get Python 2.7.16 as well as Python 3.7.3 installed.

Python 2

root@DietPiVM1:~# which python
root@DietPiVM1:~# python --version
Python 2.7.16

Python 3

root@DietPiVM1:~# which python3
root@DietPiVM1:~# python3 --version
Python 3.7.3

Installation will be done via apt packages and there Python 3.7.3 is the latest available on Debian Buster.

Not sure how your application is configured but usually you should be able to specify on the execution command which Python version to use.

I need 3.8.1

Maybe I was not clear enough: Python 3.8 is not available in the standard Debian 10 repositories.

However you can have a look to following guide to compile it yourselves:

btw: Requirements on


  • At least Python version 3.7.2