How to disable dietpi-update 2 check process on startup?

Using: 8.22 Bookworm
Target: Pi Zero WH
I notice CPU is heavily loaded on startup doing update available checks && apt interaction - seemingly to provide update notices for dietpi-banner.
This sometimes causes issues with my applications that run from startup as services.
I don’t need to have these update checks performed automatically - how can I disable this automatic behaviour ?

did you checked following option?

Thanks for that - yes, I also found a more generic updates option in dietpi.txt - CONFIG_CHECK_DIETPI_UPDATES that , when set to 0 seems to solve my issue.
CPU usage on startup settles quickly to almost nothing now.
I think that other setting controls APT update checks from within Dietpi-Update.

Keep in mind, you will not receive further information on available DietPi updates now and would need to check manually. But this should be fine. Our release schedule is a fixed one :smiley: