How to configure Nextcloud?

I installed a Nextcloud on Raspberry Pi2. That’s the only thing I have on it, I didn’t touch any other settings except changing the password.

I need to enable https for Nextcloud. I didn’t change any settings from default, so I assume nextcloud is using lighttpd server. I didn’t start using it, so I can reinstall it with different web-server if it would be better.

What should I do?

If you plan to use a domain name + external access:
CertBot/Letsencrypt will generate a SSL cert and setup HTTPS for all websites on the server:

Else, for local access only try self cert (untested):

@Fourdee thank you. I sadly won’t be able to run an extrenal server due to ISP restrictions. I succeeded in using the second method.

Are there any additional steps I need to perform in order to make sure that all communication between my nextcloud server is encrypted, including authentication?

Also, I want Nextcloud clients on my Windows notebooks and my Android Smartphone to be active only when connected to specific Wi-Fi network, to save battery life. How do I achieve it?