How to compile and add to DietPi new sound card driver?


Just put together amazing sounding DAC and AMP from

I got the driver c code using ALSA from the also tech support team.

Please advise how to add it to dietpi?
Shall it be compiled and launched, or somehow embedded in dietpi image?

Need your help to get it done.


I too am wondering about this combo and the SPARKY board to see if DietPi would be supported on it. The VANA player bundle is interesting…one could always shed the Sparky for a Rpi 3 instead I guess. Wanting to use with Roon

the Sparky looks to be a better spec board and maybe less heat issues than the Pi’s

Hi Janis,

The following dtoverlay covers all Allo Piano DAC’s on RPi:


This can be selected and enabled in:
dietpi-config > audio options > soundcard > Allo Piano DAC

Yeah me too lol.
I cant seem to find a link for available image downloads on this board, although, i’d assume it must be running Debian or Ubuntu.

I’ll request Allo to send me a dev sample board, then we can implement a DietPi image.

Finally got a chance to test Kali + Panio 2.1, works a treat, sounds amazing:

5V barrel PSU powers both Kali and SBC.