How to check v7 or v8


i create images based on DietPi and love the OS. I create an image v7 and also v8.

Now i run into problems, because i try to add wifi drivers to the kernel. The installation runs with dkms support. In v7 based images comes an error, if the hardware also support 64bit. Then dietpi seems to boot in 64bit compatible mode. I have to set arm_64bit=0. But firstly i have to check, if the image is v7 or v8. Is there an easy way?


It’s not DietPi. It’s the original RPI kernel, because RPI developer enabled a feature on RPi4 to have 64bit kernel mode activate by default. Means, if you don’t set anything for arm_64bit, it will always be 64bit kernel mode.

Best is to check user land architecture to verify if it is 32bit or 64bit system

dpkg --print-architecture

OK thank you. That is not so nice, because compiling does not work on v7. I found an other way to check this.