How to change display resolution and rotate settings?

Hi, I have started to use DietPi v133 on my PINE A64 (2GB) and installed LXDE, Chromium and Japanese fonts via below link. It works well.

May dietpi save Pine64 ; watch youtube via chromium

But my DVI-connected display (through HDMI-DVI adapter) is SXGA (1280x1024, 5:4) size and I have rotated it 270 degrees. System does not adjusted automatically. So texts on CLI and graphics on GUI are displayed incorrect ratio, and rotated.

I can rotate a screen only in GUI in this way…
Add line Option "Rotate" "CCW" to Section "Device" of /etc/X11/xorg.conf
but this is not enough to solve the problem because graphics are still displayed incorrect ratio.

Anyone know how to change display resolution and rotate settings fundamentally?


I believe the resolution can be changed in /DietPi/uEnv.txt:


Full list of supported resolutions here:

Thank you for your suggestion. I tried it. But it does not solved my problem that using 1280x1024 resolution display.
And I found the thread that longsleep noticed about no supported resolutions including 1280x1024.
It is good for me to know it. Thanks,

Test this config.


This will only have an effect on Raspberry Pi’s. The Pine A64 does not use this file, only /DietPi/uEnv.txt

Fourdee, thanks a lot. I am testing it and confused just now.
kodzin, also thank you for paying attention to my issue :slight_smile: