How to autostart VPN before booting to Kodi?

Hello everyone. I am having a great experience with DietPi but stuck at a point. I am trying to run Kodi (which works great) with VPN running on the background. I want the VPN to start at boot. I am using Nord VPN, I can manually start it by following this guide- Using OpenVPN btw.

However, I would like to auto start it before the Pi boots to Kodi. Thanks.


This type of thing is not specific to DietPi, Debian or Ubnuntu tutorials usually give some clues as to how to get this working. Try this:

Let us know if this works.


Where is the command to initiate Kodi loading, and either use a wait or pause command to hold off starting it so the VPN has a chance to initiate

Oh man thank you so much. I have tried googling the crap out of this matter but could not find a straightforward answer.

There is a option is settings, which enables you to start VPN first. :sunglasses:

Do you mean from the DietPi config or in Kodi? I would really like to know can you please elaborate? Thanks!

Has anyone tried popcorn time vpn? The VPN which comes with popcorn time itself sucks. I was planning to buy one but would love some suggestions before taking this decision.

Where does Kodi start from, is there a /etc/init.d script or something else that starts it?

Any DEV guy want to chime in?