How to add usbdrive, create folder and move files from my nas?

Did the mistake of adding my user data to an external drive because I read a guide online, not a good idea because when the drive spins down, the sonarr interface or app goes down too. So had to do a complete redo.

Now, how can I add an usb drive to my Pie, and create a shared folder.
I would also like to move files from my nas drives to this usb drive.

Thanks in advance

simply attach your USB drive to your SBC and mount it using dietpi-drive_manager.

This depends on how you like to share the folder. You could use NFS, SAMBA or FTP.

hmm, seems like it is not seen by my pie when it powers down, is there some settings to prevent that?

but its blinking

probably a setting on this enclosure. Not sure if there is something that could be adjusted. Does the enclosure has a configuration possibility?

not that I know, I will investigate

at least the drive should be visible using following command.

lsblk -o name,fstype,label,size,ro,type,mountpoint,partuuid,uuid

Otherwise it’s hard to work with them :slight_smile:

should it be viewable even it its not correctly formatted for the pie?

Yes this is a pure technical view. Doesn’t matter what file system format the drive has, it should be visible. otherwise your SBC can’t use it.

It might be defective, I will try to return it, any usb3.0 external should work with a pi right, should have gotten that one instead.

theoretically yes it should be.

what about external 2.5 hdds without a power supply, that might cause a strain on the rp 4, has any user used any specfic external usb that works, have they used a usb hdd with power supply?

Usually we highly recommend to use an own dedicated PSU for external drives on a RPi4. Because USB ports of the RPi are not designed to power external USB disk. It might gonna work without PSU, but we have seen a lot of issues with file system corruption due to this. Especially if there is a peak of power consumption, this easily could lead to data loss.

ok, if I use an usb splitter and put the other in my synology nas is that enough for power or should I use a dedicated usb power hub?

honestly I don’t know how much power is provided by a Synology USB port.

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