How to access nextcloud from outside of my local network?

How to access nextcloud from outside of my local network ?

Open port 80/443 on your internet router and forward port to NC device.

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Also, you need to set up a ddns service if your nextcloud isnt on a fixed IP address as well as get a SSL certificate for privacy and security purposes.

Well that is of course optional :wink:

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joulinar can you contact with me personally ?

for what reason? Maybe you can be more specific.

I have opened port 80/443 on my router but still can’t access nextcloud from outside my local network.

What happens when you try to access it?

it doesn’t load up.
note : I’m new at this thing

Whar error message do you get?

the site can’t be reached

You forward ports to your DietPi device? Did you tried to access from outside of your local network using a mobile device? Are you using a DDNS or your external IP? Your DDNS is correctly updated?

yes I forward ports to my dietpi device. I’ve tried to access outside from my local network but it doesn’t work. I’ve tried ddns and external ip. yes my ddns is correctly updated.

have a look to following post. It might help How can I secure connection to nextcloud? - #4 by Joulinar