How many operating systems?

Hello, I have a basic question: How many operating systems can I install on a single SD card? Is it possible to run both an SMB server and Home Assistant on the same SD card?

You can just install both pieces of software on the same operating system.
I would recommend, just intall Dietpi and fiddle a bit around with dietpi-software to see how it works :slight_smile:

You need an external bootloader to be able to run multiple system from a single SD card. Something like Berryboot for RPi. But at least Berryboot has some downside, therefore something we don’t recommend.

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DIgging around…found PINN

I wonder if multiple EXT4 partitions could be made…then a bootloader that runs on a small FAT32 partition as boot…then give a grub style selection to boot multiple installs on the partitions…problem is getting the OS’s into those partitions without having the installer overwrite the entire partition

Otherwise a simple “live cd” type setup using ventoy and iso/img files could be used…but not sure how persistence would be done

Looking at some howto’s it seems doable

Too bad there isn’t a multiboot image that can be written to a small cheap SD card, then have it point to an external HDD/SSD/USB root partition [/] (kinda like how I was wanting to setup/build my SBC’s…

But what is the point to have two OS on one card and on one is home assistant installed and on the other is samba installed. you can just run one OS at the time.
Just install both apps on one OS and start the services as you need, you are also able to run both on the same time :wink:

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Exactly…both home assistant AND SMB can be run simultaneously, along with many other applications…I highly recommend checking out docker and the apps that can be run inside that application

Google self hosted and learn to use docker, portainer, and how to setup/run docker-compose, it’s really actually pretty easy and quite powerful. Dual booting is really only if you wish to say have linux and android on one card…
Nova Spirit Tech is a bunch of self built scripted templates, there are many others similar…the trick is to learn to build it yourself for your own needs

There are TONS of howto’s and video’s for self hosting, it really is how linux excels at multiple services/servers.

Here is a HUGE list found under " SMB server and Home Assistant docker"

putting SMB into a container seems a little bit oversized.

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true…but it is an option :wink: