How install Gogs with https


i installed Gogs and all works fine, but now i would like install Let’s Encryp https for security reason. How about to do it? I received Error code (1)


are you sure your DDNS is pointing correctly to your public IP of your router? Did you forward port 80 from your router to your DietPi device?

hello thanks i solved the problem and installed the certificate, it was due to cg-nat… Now i can’t connect because SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG error in Mozilla & Chrome… Certificate works fine in port 80 but not in 3000…

How did you installed the certificate? If it is working on port 80, you most probably installed the certificate on the web server only, but not on Gogs. You would need to activate the same certificate on Gogs I guess.

As an alternative, you could use a revers proxy. There are a some example depending on your weg server installed.