How Do I unpack an .ipk

I am trying to install Filebot on my pi running Dietpi.
I use the command “sudo ar -x filebot_4.5.6_arm.ipk” but this comes up with an error saying ar is not known!.

How do I either a: install ar or b: what command do I use to unpack on dietpi?

Thanks for your help

If I’m not mistaken, ipk is the extension for opkg (and ipkg) install packages. That was used on openWrt, I think… I doubt your package will run on any of the DietPi systems.

Also, ar is part of the binutils package and I don’t think it supports the ipkg format.

Thanks for the reply but from checking on posts in the Filebot forum its clear this “.ipk” file is unpacked on Raspbian with the command “ar” to enable it to be installed. Perhaps the author of Dietpi can say whether Dietpi excludes this package which Raspbian appears to have and if so how I can install it.

I found this page:
which demonstrates what you’re referring to.

ar is part of the binutils package. you can either install the binutils package by itself:

apt-get install binutils

or, run dietpi-software, then on the Software Addition menu, select [ * ] Build Essentials
then exit that menu, and, on the main menu, select GO to perform the install.

This will install, amoungst other things, gcc and binutils

(I have confirmed that this works per that weblink for extracting the ipk.)

I apologize for the mistaken post earlier.