How do i remove nextcloud warning in the logs

After updated the dietpi and nextcloud i got 1 warning in the logs

Warning no app in context
Login failed

I was enter the wrong password and now when i click overview to scan it keeps me this warning , How do i remove this ? Thanks !

Probably better to ask within a nextcloud forum if it is a warning inside nextcloud.

You have probably a app installed and activated which is imcompatible with your updated nextcloud version.
But I also think this problem is suited better in the nextcloud forums:

I guess /mnt/dietpi_userdata/nextcloud_data/nextcloud.log contains a more complete log entry, with a stack trace? Or even when you expand it in the web UI? Usually there should be a PHP error and a path to the script where it happened. Without more information, it is basically impossible to know what the issue is. And yes, better open a topic at the Nextcloud forum. You can ping me there as well, same username.