How do I get DietPi on a microSD card

Hi guys,
Silly question, perhaps, but how do I get DietPi on that microSD that came with my Raspberry Pi?
Can I download it onto the Raspberry Pi and then burn it onto the microSD in the Raspberry Pi?

Read here how to:

Thanks, DutchFlash. I did read the manual. But I was wondering if it can be done on the Raspberry Pi? Or do I have to do this on another machine? Since you’re pointing me to that page I suppose it can be done on the Raspberry Pi, amirite?

Needs to be another machine…or a USB to SD card adapter and write it that way

I was afarid of that, WarHawk. I don’t have a micro SD card adapter. Thanks anyway.

Theoretically you could install a simple Linux image onto a USB stick first, then boot from stick and flash dietpi to SDcard then.