How can I setting CAN driver interface.

Hi everybody,
I am using RasPI4 to install DietPI and trying to use the CAN module for PI. But the system can not boot up the can0 interface. For Rasbian, I was successful to do it, but with DIetPI OS, it so hard to do. This is way I did for PI with Rasbian :

Need some help from people.
So many Thanks

Dietpi is essentially some scripts on top of a Raspbian installation. So whatever you can do in Raspbian you can do in Dietpi as well.

probably I2C would need to be activated in dietpi-config

But I can not understand why it not work . I did exactly what I can do in Rasbian.

The CAN shield I use, need an SPI interface to work.

On which step does it fail?

After I fill some configs to the /boot/config.txt then Reboot. But the PI can not recognized the CAN interface or CAN hardware. It must be like this :

But it NOT.
And after the PI rebooting, I already to check [ dmesg | grep SPI ] , the result is nothing, that’s mean the PI cannot initial SPI.

just to give it a try, did you enabled I2C inside dietpi-config?