Hostapd - cheap USB WiFi key ?


I’m planning to try DietPi with an old RPi v1, and use it to host a wifi AP using hostapd.
Everywhere I see people having troubles with AP and usb keys…

So I dream of a cheap key, if possible don’t want to compile by hand a driver downloaded on a 404 link…

There are so many keys, but nothing really useful about hostapd compatibility.
I’ve found those 2 chipsets, but don’t know if it’s 100% ok ??
Chipset RT5370
Chipset RTL8188CUS

If someone already have this chipset working with hostapd, thx for light :slight_smile:
Or another cool and cheap chipset ?

Many thx :slight_smile:

@petrus I had RTL8188CUS-based, of different design with larger antenna - worked fine with dietpi, including access-point. Couldn’t make it work with OpenWRT, though.

Thx for your answer !
Now it’s better to read someone make it working easily :wink:

Ok all, I can confirm cheap RT5370 is ok with DietPi, as a hotspot with hostapd.
ID 148f:5370
Only tried quickly to surf the web with a smartphone, it’s ok :wink:

Thx for your help!