Host bot on dietpi

Hey guys I’m very interested in buying a rasp4 for sonarr/deluge/etc. I also would like to move my bot off my laptop onto a dedicated device. I’m sure it’s I can just install python3 but I want to double-check before I make a decision.


you could setup a Virtual Machine on your Desktop Computer to check all your scripts and application running on DietPi. Basically it should not be a problem to setup sonarr/deluge/python.

Thanks. I’m interested in dietpi solely for the “plug and play” application library. How hard is it to install apps that aren’t pre-packaged for dietpi? Recommended manager? I’ll need private internet access (pia).

DiePi is offering quite a lot of pre-configured software that will make your live easier.

As I said, you can test/check this on a virtual machine without issues. just download one of the DietPi VM images and you are able to play around.